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Ssewa Ssewa’s Education and Outreach program

Ssewa Ssewa’s Education and Outreach program can be modified for Elementary Schools,Middle Schools,High schools Universites and colleges. It is fully engaging, educative and empowering; ranging from musical hands on workshop of music and deance with the young groups to a broader and deepr music discussions on global issues with more advanced students.

The Course is designed for;

  1. Students learning the music and instruments of Africa. It provides an introduction to JANZI instrument focusing on its making as well as playing techniques. Students will be exposed to how the instrument is constructed, the materials used as well as the inspiration behind the Invention of the instrument and Innovation of other instuments. By learning various playing techniques, the students will also be taught a repertoire of Janzi music that they can perform. This will be a practical oriented course. A thread that will run parallel to the main part of the course is a historical examination of how new technology has influenced the development of instruments building through the ages
  2. Students learning the music and instruments of Africa. It provides a survey of the music traditions of Uganda with specific emphasis of the musical instruments. Students will be exposed to a variety of instruments under the four categories;

1) Membranophones

 2) Chordophones

 3) Aerophones

4) Idiophones.

 The will learn about the organology of the different instruments by focusing on their origin, construction, tuning systems, playing techniques, timbre, as well as their social and cultural significance.


  • Students will be introduced to the new instrument Janzi with an opportunity to experience the instrument hands on and the rest of other instruments,melodies and rhythms of Africa.
  • Students will be inspired to be Inventive and Innovative creating new music and instruments.
  • Students will get a full understanding of music in Africa and values and importances of music African communities.
  • Students will have the opportunity to sing and play Ssewa Ssewa’s music as well as creating music and dance movments together to accompany the music.
Janzi music