Ssewa Ssewa


Ssewa Ssewa leads his audience into the enticing and soulful African music culture with traditional instruments, songs and stories from his homeland, weaving these
traditions together with a modern and global sound.
Ssewa Ssewa’s performances feature an array of instruments,including: Janzi, Endongo (Bow Lyre), Adungu (Ugandan Harp), Endigidi (Tube Fiddle), Akogo  ( Thumbpiano), Amadinda (Xylophones), Engoma (Ugandan traditional drums) Mbira, Ngoni, Djembe and Conga Drums. Born in 1987 in Kampala Uganda, to a musical family of The Late Ssewakiryanga James Senior and Betty Namata Ssewakiryanga Founders of Tebifanana
Abifuna cultruaral troupe, Ssewa began his artistic journey as a baby, and has since attended a number of music schools, visited many countries,  and entertained audiences in the hundreds and thousands in Uganda and around the world.

Ssewa Ssewa founded Janzi Band in 2009 to extend his artistic mission with a collection of Uganda’s most celebrated instrumentalists.

Through performing Ugandan and World Music, Ssewa is privileged with entertaining audiences at home and abroad. His music is a cross-cultural marriage between Uganda and the World, which seeks to reassert Ugandan traditions while modernizing and interweaving them with jazz, folk, soul and other international genres to renew the spirit within his indigenous culture.

Reflecting on Ugandan Music within World Music led Ssewa to Create a new instrument
Janzi, tuned in two scales (Diatonic and Pentatonic scales ) Along his journey, Sseewa Ssewa has collaborated with many musical friends and mentored Ugandan youths, sharing how the power of music can give back to communities, while restoring lost cultural pride.

Ssewa Ssewa


Down in Uganda


Down in Uganda Album is comprised of;

  1. Down in Uganda
  2. Africa
  3. Nsangi
  4. Akabengeya (feat. Sekasi Abraham)
  5. Journey
  6. Hybrid
  7. Bajjaja
  8. At thirty
Janzi music