Is a Ugandan instrument invented by James Ssewakirlyanga Junior.

Janzi is a Ugandan string music instrument that was recognized/approved and certified by the Uganda government and granted a certificate in 2017. This was after the ARIPO had Vented and approved for the grant that makes and internationally protected instrument under the intellectual property regime. Any intended use, reproduction e.t.c can therefore only be done with authorization. Janzi is uniquely an interesting instrument of its kind.

Janzi is a 22 string instrument tuned in two different scales which is the Diatonic on the Left and Pentatonic on the Right. This is a unique specification for this chordophone / string instrument.

It is the basis on which it has been recorgnised by ARIPO Zimbabwe and the Uganda Registration od services and accorded the UTILITY MODEL PROTECTION.

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Janzi music