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Janzi music is among Uganda’s most celebrated musical voices, fusing traditional Ugandan / African sounds and contemporary World Music with a dream team of the country’s most talented and energetic instrumentalists. These musicians represent a new vanguard of Ugandan performers: young and gifted instrumentalists steeped in the music of their homeland, with ears open to the world at large. Founded in 2009 by Ssewakiryanga James also known as Ssewa Ssewa, Later creating an instrument JANZI that was recorgnized and approved by ARIPO “ African Regional Intellectual Patent Organization” and URSB “Uganda Registration Services Bureau” Granting him a “ UTILITY MODEL PATENT CERTIFICATE”  Registration No; UG/UC/2017/00015

Ssewakiryanga James Junior

Ssewakiryanga James Junior leads his audience into the enticing and soulful Ugandan /African music culture with traditional instruments, songs and stories from his homeland, weaving these traditions together with a modern and global sound.  Ssewakiryanga is a Ugandan born world and folk music artist, Music Instruments Inventor & Innovator, multi-instrumentalist, Mentor, Teacher/instructor of Ugandan Music and Culture, music writer, story teller and founder/director of Janzi Band.

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EKA Album is Janzi music number 1 album comprised of 9 songs

  1. Africa
  2. Eka
  3. Just a dream
  4. Ngaali
  5. Njabala
  6. Omwana wabantu
  7. River road
  8. Zimbabwe
  9. Ekili

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janzi music collection

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